Activities Done By CUCMS Students

Here are the list of activities done by CUCMS students. Please leave your comment(s) and give the link if it is not available here.

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1. Health Carnival For Charity
3. BLS Training School Tour 2008
4. Red Ribbon Carnival & Dodgeball Tournament
5. Futsal For Fund
6. Amal Young Mercy Futsal

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About CSC

What is CSC?

CSC (or known as CUCMS' Student Centre) was established as the source of information where CUCMS students will be informed about the latest activities held in our college, list of our clubs, societies and at the same time, share thoughts with each other. Our hope that with this blog, it will help students to take part in extra-curricular activities rather than just being stuck in with notes and books only.

What is the function of CSC?

CSC helps CUCMS students to share the latest info regarding activities held in our campus involving our clubs and societies. It will serve as a medium to link all the clubs and societies and acts as the main page for advertisement. Other than that, CSC also works by helping students to search for existing organizations in CUCMS without having to browse for them individually. This also acts as the second notice board virtually.

Why CSC?

Sometimes we are just too busy with tons of assignments or SCL to be submitted till we tend to ignore the things happening around us. Moreover, the location of each faculty and years differ from each other and this variation makes the main camp board sometimes invisible to our naked eyes. Since our portal is more focused on academic purposes, we believe CSC will help students to know latest news and events because we do know that internet is accessible everywhere, not only in Cyberjaya. Last but not least, we do not want our portal to be cramped by advertisements only, aren't we?

How to submit latest news/events to CSC?

You have your own right to submit anything that you think suitable to the CUCMS students by emailing us at: All you need to do is include the details of the event, date, contact number(s) and other information needed. CSC will check on the email for approval before posting it up. Pictures or posters regarding your program are most welcomed and this can be attached together with your email.

How long will it takes to post an event in CSC?

The post will stay as long as there is no latest submission. However, students can browse the previous event(s) by clicking them at the sidebar. For the time being, we still have not decided the duration of submission. We do hope that you can submit the event under your clubs and society to make it easier to be search by students. The search icon is available at the top side of this CSC blog.


History Of CSC

CSC idea began in March 2009 when I was in my 3rd year in CUCMS. The idea came when I was attending Leadership Camp in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong on behalf of PSSCM CUCMS. After the talk from our provost, Dr. Mohd Salmi Mohd Sohod, I was thinking to do things that beyond our status quo. The issue that was raised during that moment was how to make students interested to take part in extra curricular activities. I believe time constraint is one of the factors. However, the major factor to this and mostly faced by us is lack of information.

I myself had encountered this problem for quite a few times as the location of my class at Porta Cabin have made it difficult for me to cross the main notice board. I gathered all the club and society representatives available at the leadership camp and start to discuss about the idea of having our own blog for advertisement(s) and to link the organizations with each other.

Only in May 2009, I managed to establish the blog due to my packed schedule and inform the clubs and societies in CUCMS about CSC. I am not famous; I do not have the ability to gather people by words-of-mouth. Hence, I do hope that this idea will help to bring us together. May all of us benefit from the establishment of CSC and fully utilize this blog for the sake of our beloved CUCMS.


Nursyuhada Azzman, BPharm '06